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folder-icon Adding a label printer in SendSuite Tracking folder-icon Add Shared Calendar to Your Profile folder-icon AirDrop is unsupported in the computer labs, mobile carts, and smart classrooms folder-icon Can Extension students pay in the cafeteria using GET? folder-icon Connect to Transfer_Only Volume folder-icon Convert HEIC to JPG on a Mac using Preview folder-icon Digital Media Assets Library folder-icon Experiencing Face Selection Problems in Maya folder-icon Forum Audio Setup folder-icon Forum Laser Projector info folder-icon Forum Presentation Setup folder-icon G-Drive - share files and folders in Google My Drive and Google Shared Drives folder-icon Google Drive - Stream Files vs. Mirror Files mode folder-icon Highest Supported MacOS Upgrade by Model folder-icon How to accessing LinkedIn Learning ( ) for Free folder-icon How to Activate Manga, Megapack and Watercolor Photoshop brushes folder-icon How to Add Photoshop brushes folder-icon How to change where your screenshots are saved on macOS folder-icon How to connect to OTIS-Internet Wi-Fi folder-icon How to connect your Laptop to the 412 projector folder-icon How to download & Install CLO on a Mac folder-icon How to download & Install CLO on a PC folder-icon How to find computer name ( Hostname ) on a Mac folder-icon How to login to CLO folder-icon How to log into your Yodeck Signage Player folder-icon How to mirror display on a Mac folder-icon How to search users by Xnumber in HappyFox folder-icon How to share Large files using Otis Google Drive folder-icon How to Share OneDrive files and folders folder-icon How to use the KVM Switch in room 410 folder-icon In the event of an internet outage at OTIS folder-icon iPad - On-demand access to resources folder-icon Lab Printer Supplies folder-icon LIB GUIDES HOME folder-icon Mac Lab Audio Setup folder-icon Minimum Computer Specifications folder-icon Open-Access and After-Hours Access Policy folder-icon Otis Google Drive folder-icon Otis Weekly Announcement folder-icon Outlook - How to switch back to Legacy Outlook folder-icon Payroll - "A Conflicting Shift Exists" folder-icon Presentation Setup - Room 406 & 410 folder-icon President's Conference Room - Wireless Share for Mac folder-icon President's Conference Room - Wireless Share for Windows folder-icon Provost Office Conference System folder-icon Rapid Prototyping Server folder-icon ROOM 401 - AHMANSON 4th FLOOR folder-icon ROOM 414 - AHMANSON 4TH FLOOR - ( MAC ) folder-icon Scanning Using EPSON Scan folder-icon Screen mirroring on Windows 10 folder-icon Setting up FortiToken Mobile App on your Phone folder-icon Share photos & Videos with iCloud Link folder-icon Smart Classroom - Audio Issue folder-icon Student Software Requirements folder-icon TCP time-tracking app for Payroll folder-icon Toon Boom Storyboard Pro License Activation folder-icon Toon Boom Storyboard Pro License Deactivation/Return folder-icon Turn off Focused Inbox folder-icon Unable to access the Dashboard folder-icon Volume printing at FOX HILLS PRINTING folder-icon Volume Printing at ODP Business Solutions folder-icon Which Computer Should I Buy? folder-icon Wi-Fi is disabled in the Computer Labs and Smart Classrooms folder-icon Zoom - Enabling Remote Control folder-icon Zoom - Enabling Virtual Background
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