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Student software for personal devices
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Discounted and Free Software

Otis students, staff, and faculty are eligible to access free and trial versions of popular software titles from the following companies. Please note software requests for instruction are coordinated through the department chairs; please contact them for more information.

Link to Minimum Computer Specifications Page


 Adobe Creative Cloud   ( Free for BFA/MFA students at OTIS )



If you're a new student, your access will begin a week before the semester begins.


If you're graduating ( or non-continuing ), access ends two weeks after the semester you are enrolled in ends. Be sure to export and save your projects to your own personal locations if they are stored in the Adobe Cloud.



If you are and remain registered for classes in the Fall - your access will continue through the Fall semester. The license will extend until the end of Summer, after which your academic license is automatically renewed.


Please try to log in and let IT ( [email protected] ) know if you need additional assistance.


Staff and Faculty

You lose access to Adobe CC immediately after your employment stops.



 Adobe Creative Cloud   ( Not enrolled for BFA/MFA programs at OTIS but taking classes at a Community College )


If you're enrolled in courses at Santa Monica College or any other California Community College, there's a cost-effective opportunity to access Adobe for just $49.99 for six months.




 Rhino 7 for Mac & Windows   - ( $138.00 )


 Autodesk  - (Free educational license)

Autodesk is not provided by the College for home use, but students and educators can get free one-year educational access to Autodesk products and services, renewable as long as you remain eligible. 

More information can be found here:

Last updated on 2023-08-08 -



 Cinema 4D, Red Giant, Redshift, Universe, and ZBrush 


Plan & Pricing for Students - ( $60.00 per Year )


Educational Licenses for Teaching - ( $199.00 per Year )





 KeyShot - (Educational Version)


 Microsoft 0ffice 365  -  ( Free for BFA/MFA students )

  1. Go to, and if you are not already signed in, select Sign in ( Sign in with your otis email )
  2. From the Microsoft 365 home page, select Install Office
  3. Select Office 365 apps to begin the download
  4. Follow the  on-screen instruction to complete the installation


 Microsoft Teams


 Quixel Suite


 SolidWorks  – 40 Licenses available only for students and faculty

A license must be requested to [email protected]


 ToonBoom StoryBoard & Harmony - We have 50 home-use Licenses available for select Digital Media students.

The ownership and administration of these licenses fall under the purview of the Digital Media department, exclusively designated for select undergraduate Digital Media students.

A license must be requested by sending an email to Ronald Bernard @ [email protected] &/or Joffery Black @ [email protected]


Toon Boom Personal Licenses for Students

Toon Boom Animation Inc. offers special pricing for Teachers and students.

Please check out their license by following the steps:

1. Create your Toon Boom Account: Account Sign-In

2. Get your account verified (you will need your faculty ID or student ID): Student Verification

3. Purchase the student or teacher licenses: Student Licenses









Figma  – Students and teachers get to use the premium version of Figma for free


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