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AirDrop is unsupported in the computer labs, mobile carts, and smart classrooms
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AirDrop is not supported at Otis due to security and privacy concerns and specific network configuration issues. To transfer content from an iPhone or iPad, use one of the following methods.


Export photos and videos to an external storage device from an iPhone or iPad.

You can export photos and videos you took on your iPhone or iPad to an external drive, a memory card, or other storage device.

Note: Only the unaltered original versions will be exported when exporting photos and videos, losing all edits.

  1. Connect your iPhone to the storage device using the Lightning or USB-C connector or connect the device directly to your iPhone.

  2. Open the Photos app, then select the photos and videos you want to export.

  3. Tap the Share button, then tap Export Unmodified Original.

  4. Tap your storage device (below Locations), then tap Save. ( Click here to read more )


Upload photos and videos from mobile phones or tablets to Otis' Google Drive.

Follow the steps below.

  1. On your iPhone, iPad, or Android devices, open the Google Drive app ( If Google Drive is not installed on your phone, see instructions below )

  2. Tap Add.

  3. Tap Upload File

  4. Find and tap the Photos and videos you want to upload.

  5. Tap Upload

  6. A status bar appears at the bottom of your screen. To view your file, tap Locate ( Click here to read more )


Installing Google Drive

Android Devices come pre-installed with Google Drive; however, if you use an iPhone or iPad, you must download the app from the App Store.

To install Google Drive on an iPhone or iPad

  1. Launch the App Store on your iPhone or iPad

  2. Search for Google Drive and Install it ( Alternatively, you can use your camera to scan the QR code to be directed to the App Store, or click here )

  3. Open Google Drive and log in with your Otis Credentials


Share photos & Videos with iCloud Link.

Please look at the linked document below for instructions on transferring photos and videos from an iPhone and iPad to a Mac.

Share photos & Videos with iCloud Link.


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