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Ucx - How to access your Voicemail
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UCx for Desktop will notify you when you have voicemail waiting.  You can access your voicemail box in three ways:


Method 1

  1. Click Call History

  1. Then click on the Voice Mail

 tab at the top of the call history list to preview a list of voicemails. Click on individual voicemails to listen to them.



Method 2

  1. Click Calls on the main window menu bar, then select Voicemail. In the pop-out menu, select Show Voicemail for a list of voicemails, or call into your voicemail by selecting Call, Call from Phone, or Video Call.
  2. Call into your voicemail from the Dialpad by long pressing the “1” button.



Method 3 - You can also access your voicemail box without using the UCx app:

  1. From your desk phone: Press your phone’s “Messages” button.
  2. From any other phone: Dial your phone number or extension. When your greeting plays, press *.
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