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Installing WebEx on a Mac
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  1. Goto current Webex download page
    2. All other downloads here:


  1. Double-click and/or open the .dmg container: webex.dmg (not webexapp.dmg)

  1. Copy the File to the Applications folder.
    1. Note: admin rights may be required - Click [Authenticate and type in your User Name and Password in the next pop-up.


  1. Open the Webex application from Applications
    1. You may see "…Are you sure you want to open it?" - Click [Open]


  1. On the End user License agreement pop-up, click [Agree].


  1. Now you may see a pop-up requesting "Microsoft Outlook wants access to control Webex…" Click [OK].

  1. On the main page, Type in your Otis email address.



  1. An email with a 6-digit pin will be emailed to you. Type that in the next page:


  1. You will now be asked for your display name. Type that in.


  1. On the next page, create a password
    1. NOTE: This password is not linked to your SSO login - so you can type in the same Otis password or a different one. Write it down somewhere.
    2. Follow the password complexity requirements (special characters, numbers, etc.)


  1. At this point, a "Webex would like to access your microphone "message appears. Click [OK] or add the permissions separately (next and images).
    1. Open your laptop's "System Preferences", then open "Security & Privacy"
    2. Click on the yellow lock "Click the lock to make changes."
    3. Type in your admin name and password.
    4. Click on the [Privacy] tab.
    5. Click 'Microphone and ensure that 'Webex" has a checkmark.
    6. Close entire System Preferences window





  1. Continue on to Webex and select "Make a Call"




  1. In the Menu bar, select [Webex], then [Preferences…]



  1. General Tab
    1. Optional - Click "Connect Webex to Microsoft Outlook"
  2. Audio Tab
    1. You may be asked to give Webex access to the microphone. The procedure is the same as granting rights to the microphone (above)
    2. Test speakers and microphone
  3. Video Tab
    1. You may be asked to give Webex access to the camera. The procedure is the same as granting rights to the microphone (above)
    2. Optional - you change your Virtual Background here.
  4. Meetings Tab
    1. This is where you can can change the default meeting scheduler
    1. This is where your Personal Room Number and Pin is listed
  5. Calling Tab
    1. Optional - uncheck "Answer calls with my video on"
    2. close the preferences Window
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