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Too Much Spam
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While the number of spam emails can considerable, they can be mostly manageable if you do the following:


First Stage


1. Unsubscribe from any emails that have any unsubscribe button or link at the bottom. 


2. If possible, try to avoid using the email account when using 3rd-party websites not related to student or employee functions.


3. You can manage the spam and related settings at the Barracuda spam-capture service Otis uses. 


4. Use the ‘Mark as Junk’ email option in your email client by right-clicking on the unwanted email and selecting 'Mark as Junk' or 'Block Sender'.




Second Stage


5. Run Sophos or any reputable antivirus software to scan entire computer.


6. Scan all your devices for viruses, Including mobile phone , tablets, etc.


7. Change Device and computer passwords.


8. Change passwords for all online services.


9. Change security questions.


10. Contact credit card companies to notify that there are unauthorized purchases.


11. Monitor your credit activity.

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