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How to Package Adobe InDesign projects
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Packaging InDesign projects


When you generate a document in InDesign, the InDesign file itself represents just a single component within the larger scheme. Any images, graphics, or fonts utilized in the project are connected externally, separate from the primary file. To ensure that others can open the file accurately, incorporating these external resources necessitates the utilization of InDesign's packaging feature.


  1. Open your file in InDesign
  2. Ensure that there are no missing links or fonts
  3. Go to File > Package then click the Package button and save
  4. Browse to where you’d like to create the package folder & enter the name of the folder. At the bottom of this window, make sure that the “Copy Fonts,” “Copy Linked Graphics,” “Update Graphic Links in Package,” “Include Fonts and Links from Hidden….”, “Include IDML” and “Include PDF” are all checked. Other boxes should be unchecked.



  1. Click the Package button
  2. Use the new folder to open your file in a Lab computer 
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