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PaperCut - Adding Funds to PaperCut using GET / Owl Dollars
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Otis College uses the GET application to manage payments within the campus and to add funds to PaperCut for printing projects.


To use PaperCut, you must add funds to GET using your financial institution's payment information first, then transfer the desired amount from within the PaperCut admin page (see image at the end of this page).


There are two ways to add funds to PaperCut using the GET app (OWL Dollars).



Option One


Using a computer or phone browser


  1. Go to:
  2. Click link to Login to GET 
  3. Add your bank/debit/credit card information 
  4. Select + Add Funds to add funds


 Using a Smart Phone


  1. Download the GET app from the Apple store or Google Play.               

Apple App Store

Google Play Store



  1. Connect to Otis College by clicking SEARCH ALL INSTITUTIONS
  2. Add your bank/debit/credit card information
  3. You can now transfer funds to GET


Option Two ( Cash Only )


Using a cash deposit terminal


Cash deposit terminals are located Ahmanson 2nd floor or ……






For self-service print/copy - you don't need to transfer money to PaperCut. PaperCut can access GET balance and transfer funds automatically.


If you are paying for a full-service print in the:

  • Photo Lab
  • Printmaking lab
  • purchasing clay in the sculpture studio
  • or for any transaction handled via PaperCut's web Cashier

you need to transfer funds from GET/Owl Dollars to PaperCut.


Please see the link below for further information on the Once Card policy

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